Acupuncture is most widely known as a treatment for pain management and it is highly effective in treating pain syndromes.

Acupuncture relaxes tight muscles, increases circulation of blood and tissue fluids, reduces inflammation, and increases endorphin production by the central nervous system and the pituitary gland in the brain. The principle function of endorphins is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals. They produce a feeling of euphoria similar to a state of deep relaxation and the absence of stress.

Acupuncture also works to maintain health by supporting a healthy metabolism, building energy, reducing the effects of stress, improving sleep and regulating the hormonal system. Many clients come for treatment on a regular basis throughout the year. Some come at times of increased stress or the first onset of symptoms.

Acupuncture works by utilizing a system of channels that carry energy throughout the whole body so whenever there is an imbalance, or dysfunction, causing symptoms an acupuncture treatment can restore the normal flow of energy. This permits better metabolism which is the key to healthy function.

What our clients are saying

I received the wonderful gift of acupuncture from Susan at Acupuncture Arts East to address a new and frustrating medical issue. Susan’s treatment space is calm and conducive to healing. She combines professionalism with concern and compassion. The treatment is painless and I found myself able to recharge there. Acupuncture was a helpful addition to my medical treatment plan. Thank you, Susan, for your kindness and expertise!” MG

I have known Susan for nearly a decade now and she always amazes me with her genuine personality and her dedication to nothing short of excellence. She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness. You won’t regret your decision in making your first appointment with Ms. Kane.” SM

I have found acupuncture to be an effective form of treatment for various physical ailments. Susan is a gentle, caring and sensitive professional providing treatments that bring relief from sinusitis, chronic muscle pain and weakness, and gastrointestinal difficulties without the need for taking medication. Treatment is provided in a calm, quiet and comfortable environment. I find the office hours to be flexible which enables me to be seen on a regular basis even when I am pressed for time.” TD

Susan Kane and acupuncture helped me cope with the physical and emotional aspects of grief/grieving. When my husband passed away suddenly, I developed headaches, neck and jaw pain, and the physical heaviness of grieving. Within days of starting acupuncture, my physical pains were lessening and were soon gone. Susan also helped me with the emotional stress of grieving and, over the course of a few months, helped me to cope and adjust to my loss. Susan’s treatments helped me to regain my physical and emotional well-being. Thank you, Susan!” RH

I have been receiving acupuncture on and off for 17 years with Susan Kane. I highly recommend Susan as she is professional, knowledgeable, kind, understanding and accommodating! She is the first person I think of whenever I am hurting. She has treated me for allergies, anxiety, stiff neck, menstrual disorders, gout, weight loss and diabetes. I have found that any medicine or pain reliever I have to take works faster and better when I receive acupuncture. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, I am finding that with acupuncture my sugar levels have dropped into the normal range for the first time. I always use acupuncture as a first course of treatment for whatever ails me. I also know that if Susan feels that acupuncture can not help me she will refer me to someone who can. Susan, and acupuncture, is at the top on my ‘medical team’ list.” PH