Injury Recovery & Post-Surgical Recovery

After an injury the body goes through a process of recovery and healing which includes clearing away damaged cells, ridding pathogens, bringing blood and tissue fluids to the injured area and rebuilding healthy tissue. Acupuncture can promote the healing process and speed recovery. It is not unusual for a client to recover from an injury and return to work and resume a normal level of exercise or training much sooner than was initially predicted.

Acupuncture is also helpful in recovering from a surgical procedure as it addresses several issues that can be present for a period of time such as residual pain, muscle tightness and limited range of motion, general fatigue and weakness, and poor sleep.

What our clients are saying

Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Knee Pain and Arthritis

Post-Surgical Foot Pain

“I looked for an acupuncturist in my area after I was experiencing foot pain following surgery to remove a neuroma and second surgical procedure over a 3-year period. Post-surgery I still had a neuroma in my left foot and it was causing so much pain that I wasn’t able to walk from my car to my door without excruciating pain. My life became difficult. I couldn’t jog anymore and could not even walk long distances. I enjoyed walking because it helped me keep in shape and it minimized stress. I contacted Susan and didn’t know what to expect but I figured that acupuncture has been around for centuries and I would trust that it would work. After each treatment the pain lessened. After six treatments I was able to walk 5 miles on the beach pain-free! Susan is calming and has many years of experience. I am so grateful that I found her and got my life back to normal.” RD

Shoulder Injury

“Two years ago I had knee pain resulting from torn cartilage. It required a total knee replacement. I saw Susan for pain relief before and after the surgery and it helped greatly. This year I had a recurrence of a kidney problem (seven years ago I had to have dialysis and was hospitalized for three months). My creatinine level was up to 2.9 (normal range is 0.1-1.4). Ultrasound showed a narrowing of the right kidney artery. I decided to see Susan because I was desperate and the options I was facing were not good (surgery). I knew acupuncture had worked before on my knee pain. I had acupuncture for three months and during that time my creatinine level dropped to 1.4 and has stayed there. My energy level is up. I intend to return to work (as a surgical nurse).” HS

Shoulder Injury

“I began to experience pain in my right shoulder after doing a rigorous workout program over a period of time. My doctor diagnosed bursitis and prescribed pain killers and said to keep the shoulder mobile. I continued to work out but was limited due to pain. I did not like taking medication because it made me drowsy and was not totally effective. I soon discontinued using them and lived with the pain. After a few months, I developed severe pain in both shoulders.

Someone at the club recommended Susan Kane for acupuncture. I noticed results after the first treatment and the majority of my pain was gone after only three treatments. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! We continued for a series of ten treatments and the pain was totally gone! It was amazing and I was back to the strong workouts that I hadn’t been able to accomplish for over a year. A few treatments spaced out over the following weeks were all I needed and I have not experienced a recurrence of symptoms since. I highly recommend acupuncture, especially with Susan, if you are experiencing health problems of any nature. Joint pain is but one area that can be helped by acupuncture treatments.” BR

Back Injury

Several years ago, while I was mowing my lawn, I was run over by a drunk driver breaking several bones in my back. I had been in chiropractic treatment even before the accident and still visit once or twice a week. But, as time goes by and with age, the pain is not subsiding. I do not like to take medication. So, I found Susan, and after my first treatment, I was able to move freely and, for the first time in a long time, was able to sleep restfully. I visit Susan weekly. She has treated me for depression, aches and pains, and helping with weight loss. I can not tell you what a great experience acupuncture is. MG

Pelvic Pain Post-Surgery

I had pelvic pain associated with surgery and poor healing. Acupuncture really helped with the pain that was incapacitating me. Susan did wonders. Acupuncture, along with yoga, gave me the sense that I was back in control of my health.” KB

Bone Fracture

I decided to try acupuncture after breaking my collarbone in a bicycle accident. I had been following a conventional therapy routine which included immobilization, pain medication, and later, progressive stretching exercises. I also saw a chiropractor for spinal adjustments. The healing was going very slowly. Two months after the accident I was still in severe pain, still wearing a sling, and I had very little mobility in my arm.

After two acupuncture treatments, there was a noticeable change in pain level and mobility. The sling was removed and stretching exercises were easier and progress was dramatic. When I returned to work, I expected to be in pain and stiff the next day. To my amazement, I felt great and have had no problems with my shoulder since. I definitely feel that the acupuncture treatments were critical in speeding my recovery and preventing any lingering after-effects.” MM

Sports Injury: Tennis Elbow

I came to experience acupuncture through the advice of a friend and acquiesced because conventional treatment of ice, Advil and rest was not doing the trick of healing my tennis elbow. After only a few acupuncture treatments, the swelling in my elbow and the extreme tenderness in that area as well as my shoulder completely disappeared. I am fine today!” RH